To be honest, I kind of fell into this whole building websites thing by accident...

When I was in college, I hastily agreed to build a website for a local business. Only having a rudimentary knowledge of HTML & CSS, this proved to be quite the learning experience over the coming months. Somehow, I managed to successfully deliver the website (while getting paid!) and from there on out I was hooked.

Soon after that I created flyers and went door-to-door at every business in town. I managed to pick up a few clients and quit my minimum wage job at the laundromat.

By the time I graduated college, I had a handful of websites that I was able to show prospective employers, and landed a job before graduating.

Throughout the first few years of my career I worked at a few agencies, started posting work on Dribbble, and took on a healthy bit of side work.

By 2016 the side work had grown into more than I could realistically keep up with. At that point my wife suggested I go all in and give freelancing a try.

Family 👪

Family is the reason I do what I do! Being able to be at home with my wife and son while he grows up is the best thing. I love to be able to go into the other room and play with him for a few minutes before I jump on a call. Or on slow days, take the middle of the day to do something fun with the family.

We’re also part of a much bigger family — our church family. At our church, we learn that we’re sinful, so sinful that there’s a separation between us and God. But God, in his love, sent Christ to pay for our sins on the cross.

Jesus offers forgiveness of sins and a restored relationship with our creator at the foot of the cross. Living a Christ centered life and sharing his word others is the goal of our life while we’re here on this earth.